Lorsqu’on gouvernement a complètement perdu toute autorité morale pour gouverner


Lorsqu’on gouvernement a complètement perdu toute autorité morale pour gouverner

Occupy Canada
Harper conservatives attack non-profits and charities to muzzle dissent in Canada >http://bit.ly/OwioyR -SHARE!

Who HASN’T Harper muzzled? check the resources below..

Here’s a database of Canadians being muzzled and censored in Canada by the Harper conservative government http://bit.ly/1eu38yN

« More than 80 cases of individuals, organizations and public service institutions have been muzzled, defunded, shut down or subjected to vilification by the Harper conservative government. A further dozen are currently in development. The evidence shows a pattern of silencing people, shutting out knowledge and narrowing the democratic space for those who engage in advocacy and dissent in Canada. »

9th Conservative MP speaks out against being muzzled by Stephen Harper >http://bit.ly/17kZ0Ya

Parks Canada staff banned from criticizing Harper government – CBC News >http://bit.ly/OLvqUf

Harper’s control freaks muzzle Fisheries and Oceans scientists >http://bit.ly/YvSQ6P

Harper government muzzles librarians and archivists
>http://bit.ly/10dO9ih, http://bit.ly/WXjdnD, http://bit.ly/107FhqG

Stephen Harper muzzles diplomats and foreign agencies >http://bit.ly/11lDS7c

Stephen Harper attempts to muzzle the press

« Bill C-38, which Parliament voted on, contains a range of measures intended to nullify or silence dissent. Environmental groups protesting the Enbridge pipeline project have been characterised as “radicals” and “enemies of the government of Canada”. Under Bill C-38, the government will be able to intimidate such groups by threatening to revoke their charitable status – in effect applying a financial gag. Further, the bill allows the government to cut short public hearings and ignore environmental assessments – that is, if any funding remains to conduct them. » http://bit.ly/V9ojge

Canadian scientists protest against Harper government censorship http://bit.ly/19pxUQS

Harper’s attack on science: No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy http://bit.ly/1A1sn1Q

VIDEO: Harper government targets environmental groups http://bit.ly/1eTmPsW

Stephen Harper government turns environmentalists into public enemies http://on.thestar.com/1mepqq8

Readers blast ‘paranoid’ Harper PMO’s ‘enemies list’

Globe and Mail: « As leader of the opposition, Stephen Harper was clear on the vital role of dissent in a democracy: “When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it’s rapidly losing its moral authority to govern.” http://bit.ly/19uKkqX

The Slow and Painful Death of Freedom in Canada

« So perhaps it is time for us Canadians to wake up and smell the suppression — no longer are censorships solely the purview of tin-pot dictators in far away regimes. These seemingly gradual erosions to the freedoms of assembly, expression and information in Canada are all very real »

Harper government found spying on aboriginal children advocate, including stalking her facebook page> http://bit.ly/18ttHiN

Harper government’s assault on reason, scientists, ‘Orwellian’ and ‘alarming,’ warns former conservative pollster Allen Greg >http://huff.to/QAcSIK

Everyone needs to watch this: « 1984 in 2013: The Assault on Reason » – Allan Gregg >http://huff.to/1bzFIji

« Harper is slowly taking control over the CBC in order to « exercise a subtle form of censorship over the public broadcaster. » In addition to budget cuts and the new Bill, he notes that 8 of the 11 CBC board of directors have contributed money to the Conservative Party of Canada. » >http://yhoo.it/YHPL5Z,http://bit.ly/13NGreN

Photo Credit: Canadians rallying to unseat Stephen Harper- D

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