i-ACUSE | Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment


What is i-ACUSE?


FYI – The i-ACUSE launch stems from the great urgency and necessity to end the corporate take over of Canadian Natural Resources and Globalization to the demise of the Original Peoples (First Nations) and the Canadian population notwithstanding that our Government and the political parties have failed in consulting with both the original Peoples and the Canadian citizens in regards to our natural resources.

New Bills, Laws and Regulations are being forced upon us such as the NDAA, FIPPA (31 yr China deal), the TPP, our currant growing Police State which are all due toGlobalization/World Global Governance presently being implemented without our input or consent.

How is the United Nations Global Governance being implemented?

It is being implemented at the Municipal levels through the guise of Sustainable Development/Agenda 21

See Quebec Agenda 21http://www.agenda21c.gouv.qc.ca/quebecs-agenda-21-for-culture/charter/


It is the acronym for the “ Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment” grassroots movement to create awareness and to implement viable solutions such as; a Convention of Consent (agreement) to Self-Determination and Self-Governance through Direct Participatory Democracy by “removing final decision making authority within all levels of Governance” between the Citizens without the interference of the Government or the Courts. And to further instill a “Two Row living Constitution” that will help both the Original Peoples and Citizens in finally working together and taking back our voices which have been eliminated by our present “false” democratic system and political party elections where the politicians can only tow the party line instead of listening to their constituents.

Not to mention that our Government and most of the Political Party leaders are supporting and funding an “ongoing silent genocide” here, as well as the atrocious genocide in Palestine and in many other Countries with our Tax dollars and natural resources funds in our names.

It’s time for Canadians and within this, the 14 million Canadian young adults who have never had a right to discuss or to have their say in Canadian Federal or provincial referendums in regards to our bogus Constitution either here or in Quebec to take a powerful stand by removing “final decision making authority” within all levels of Governance and drafting a new long awaited Constitution incorporating a 50/50 Governance of Canada through a Direct Participatory Democracy on both sides of the Two Row Constitution by the Indigenous Nations and the Citizens.


The United Nations Globalization/ Corporatization will further keep destroying all of Canada’s Sovereignty and Independence.

The UN Globalization, GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP and Sustainable Development Agenda 21under the guise of Global Warming and ICLEI is certainly destroying Indigenous Land Rights and Territories world wide through fee simple land ownership and the new Land Claims Treaties presently being dealt with by the many Government imposed Band Council members without the consensus consent of their Nations Peoples.

Food for Thought

So please “Careful what you wish for” and truly educate yourself and think things through completely before making misguided claims of wanting to be a Global Citizen, as that is presently a double edge sword given the present UN ruling dictatorship. As a true United Nations for the People can only happen for the right reasons once WE, together, rebuild atrue United Nations by “the People for the People” and not for corporate greed and manipulation of the natural resources and of the masses!

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